Let’s Make It Work!

Let’s Make It Work!

Let’s Make It Work!

Let’s Make It Work!



At BDZ-Automation we are ready to tackle even the most demanding and complex tasks.

BDZ-Automation is a family-owned company, founded
in Gdansk, Poland in 2017.

As an automation partner, we operate in many industries, especially in the automotive, intralogistics, building automation and food industry sectors, constantly looking for new challenges.

Our technical team consists of automation and robotics engineers, electrical designers and electricians.

We are not afraid of challenges, we act dynamically and flexibly, providing high quality services.



Our Offer

We offer our clients services in the area of automation system design, design of electrical and pneumatic diagrams, electrical installation, development and modification of PLC software, development of HMI applications, development of SCADA systems, programming industrial robots, virtual software testing, commissioning of drive systems and implementation of designed systems for client’s. Our team strives for continuous improvement through completing variety of certified courses and trainings.


We design control systems and prepare electrical schemes.


We offer comprehensive implementation of systems designed and programmed by us.



The BDZ-Automation team has participated in many implementations of industrial automation systems around the world. We have had the pleasure of working with customers from Europe, USA, South America and Asia.

We have wide knowledge in working with PLC software standards, in particular in the area of automotive industry. During our implementations, we have had many opportunities to work with the most modern and popular solutions for the industry.