We operate in the following areas: design and implementation of control systems for widely understood industry, consultancy
in the field of automation of production processes, project management. Our experience is mainly related to the automotive industry, intralogistics and building automation, as well as the food industry.

Our team works on a daily basis with the most modern and popular solutions for the industrial equipment and automation systems.

We have gained our experience working for the largest
and most demanding customers in their industries. We have the tools and licences to design and implement a variety of innovative and safe solutions for industry.

our history

Agata Kostecka and Blazej Dziąg founded BDZ-Automation in 2017.

Agata’s experience in sales, HR processes and team management, combined with Blazej’s knowledge of automation, robotics, project management was the impulse for founding BDZ-Automation. Agata and Blazej make all decisions together and are also partners in their private lives. Year by year, the team grows and the office space is adapted to current needs. We took our first steps at home; today we rent 150 m2 of space in a modern office building, at 30a Galaxy Street. A friendly atmosphere, a willingness to act and a flexible approach to both Clients’ and Employees’ needs invariably accompany us in our daily work.
What has always characterized us is the ability to make quick decisions, which allows us to support our Clients, also in urgent needs.
Every year means new challenges and changes – we react to them on an ongoing basis, drawing conclusions and learning every day.



Błażej Dziąg after graduating from the Automation and Robotics

on the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics in Gdańsk, He started his adventure with industrial automation. As a PLC programmer and roboticist, he became familiar with the operation of many branches of industry and their automation processes. Many years of His technical experience in to this day is a great asset in understanding the needs of our clients.

For several years Blazej has focused on team management, project management, offering our services from a technical point of view and developing the business of BDZ Automation on many levels.

Blazej never gives up, always looks for solutions and focuses on openness in discussions with both employees and clients.

At BDZ-Automation, he serves as Chairman of the Board and CEO.


As soon as she finished her language studies, Agata Kostecka-Dziąg started her professional career as a sales assistant.

 Gaining more and more sales experience in different markets and industries, in 2014 she took the position of Sales and Business Manager and was responsible for finding new clients, mainly from the automotive world. After three years, her adventure in an international environment began, where she had the opportunity to support a Swiss-German team in business development in IT services.

In the meantime, she was fully committed to building and developing BDZ Automation, where she served as President, CEO from 2019 to 2023.

With her international experience, flexibility and customer orientation, she has contributed in her career to the acquisition of many prestigious projects worldwide.

She currently leads and supports the back office team and serves as a business coach, trainer and mentor within the organization.

Agata has always prioritised communication, honesty and conflict-free.

Team BDZ

Our team is composed of carefully selected individuals who identify with the values of our company. We always focus on teamwork, exchange of experiences and support of our colleagues. We respect each other, solve problems together and approach our duties with a positive attitude. We also spend time together outside work. On the board we have archers, fishermen, cyclists, leatherworkers, table tennis champions, dog lovers, cat lovers, fans of knitting and board games. We enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, sailing and travelling.

The BDZ-Automation team has participated in many implementations of industrial automation systems around the world. We have had the pleasure of working with customers from Europe, the USA, South America and Asia. We have extensive knowledge in working on PLC software standards. During the implementations so far, we have worked with the latest and most popular solutions for industry.


Membership in AHK Poland

We have been a proud member of the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Poland) since January 2023.

AHK Poland is the largest Polish-German network of businesses and one of the largest German foreign chambers of industry and commerce, representing the interests of approximately 1,000 member companies.

As a member of AHK Poland, BDZ-Automation expresses its commitment to high-quality services. We operate in accordance with high business and ethical standards, which demonstrates our professionalism and credibility.

As part of our participation in AHK Poland, we strive to better support our clients and expand our business activities with partners from both Poland and Germany.

We are grateful to the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce for their trust and the opportunity to cooperate, and we are ready to take on new challenges and further develop our company.