We design control systems starting from the phase of agreement with the customer and preparation of the solution concept, through to the detailed technical design and ending with the order lists. We create electrical diagrams using EPLAN Electric P8 and WSCAD software. We also offer a safety circuit analysis via the SISTEMA environment and a thermal analysis of the designed switchgear. At the customer’s request, we also supervise the execution of the designed systems. We are active in the areas of production automation, robotisation, vision inspection and quality control.


We develop industrial process control applications for PLCs from various manufacturers (Siemens, Rockwell, Bosch, Schneider Electric) in all programming languages. We make visualisation systems and HMI interfaces. We build SCADA-type master systems. We program industrial robots, drive systems, vision systems, automatic screwdrivers, presses and other peripheral devices. We program “from scratch” or using our customers’ standards – we have experience with many of the programming standards found in industry.


We develop and test the software and visualisation using a purpose-built environment in Emulate3D, the model built represents the station, process or logistics system under test. In this way, the PLC software can be tested before the installation is physically built, leading to improved quality and safety and shorter commissioning times. Virtual commissioning also allows errors to be found and changes to mechanical and electrical documentation to be made at an early stage in the project.


We offer comprehensive implementations of our designed and programmed systems at customer sites around the world. Our specialists are experienced in commissioning a wide range of control systems: from initial start-up, FAT and SAT tests, production trials, production ‘ramp-ups’ to maintenance on actual production.


Electrical installation for the construction of stations and production lines, as well as transport systems, feeders, vision systems, sensors, electric drives, presses, automatic screwdrivers, safety systems, robots, prefabrication of electrical cabinets, construction of profinet and profibus networks. Mechanical adjustment work on stations, and support for the installation of pneumatic and hydraulic systems.


We offer our clients a production maintenance service at their sites. We are able to provide local teams of engineers who will take it upon themselves to supervise the correct operation of production machinery.


We also offer support in the form of the provision of outsourcing services. In the event of a shortage of human resources at our clients, we can, for a limited period of time or for specific projects, support the client’s local teams with our specialists.